Monday, February 3, 2014

Fw: Three Musketeers

Hey, Everyone!
Guess what!
I'm in a tri-panionship now! That's right! There's three of us now! My two companions are Sister Cope and Sister Hancock. It's been a new and interesting experience, but it's also been fun!
I got moved about fifteen minutes away from my previous area. I'm now serving in the Grand Junction 7th ward, so I'm in city area now. It actually feels a lot more like Lacey than anywhere else on my mission has so far since it's kind of a sprawling city with lots of neighborhoods and such. There are also more trees here than in Fruita and Eagle, so that's another thing that makes me think of home. Except all the trees are dead. And brown. And it snowed again. And we're still on the border of a desert. Ok, so it's completely different from home still, but it's a little closer than my last two areas! But we get some new views of Mt. Garfield, the giant rock covered in snow at the edge of Grand Junction. It's pretty great. I like it. This ward is smaller than the Fruita 4th ward, but bigger than the Eagle Valley ward. And most of the members are older people who are super cute and sweet. :)
So, yeah. I've been spending the week trying to adjust to the new area, as well as adjusting to the trio gig. Fun stuff!
There aren't really any fun or interesting stories to share with you for the week. Except for the one where we almost had the elders cast out a devil for us. But that's not important.
Ohhh I'm sorry, did you want to hear that story? Well, ok. One of the people we're teaching called us because she wanted some help. Her sister was walking to her house, and she wanted a ride cuz it's really cold outside. We called one of the members and asked them if they'd be willing to give this person a ride, and they agreed. So we went on splits for a little bit and had Sister Cope go with the member while Sister Hancock and I continued with our normal missionary work. When we picked up Sister Cope after she told us that they were done, she was a little shaken. They had picked up the person who had called us, then drove down to where her sister was, but Sister Cope said that the moment the sister stepped in the car, the spirit just left. Then all the way back, the sister kept talking to herself and swearing and stuff and really wasn't all there. It freaked Sister Cope out a bit, and so she told them that we would be by later to pray with them. After she got back with us and told us the story, she called the Elders and asked if they'd be willing to give a priesthood blessing. They, of course, asked why, and so Sister Cope started explaining the situation, and Elder Rogers was like, "Wait. You want us to cast out a devil?" ".... Well, sorta I guess. But I don't know." "You want me to cast out a devil." "Yeah..."
Well, we got over there and the sister had gone to sleep, so instead the Elders just gave the person we're teaching a blessing of comfort. So it wasn't nearly as exciting as it sounded. But, yeah. Nearly cast out a devil. That's my interesting story for the week. :P
I love you all! Don't get possessed by any devils! Have fun!
~Sister Richelle Jones

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