Monday, February 3, 2014

:D Here's some pictures from Fruita. I made matching bags for all the Sisters in Fruita. This was before Sister Hilton left. Then there's a few pics from stuff in downtown Fruita like the Mike the Headless Chicken statue. :)

Before I left Fruita, we stopped by the dinosaur museum there. So I got a few pics from that. The last pic needs rotated, but it's a picture of just one of the legs of a dinosaur. It's huge.

These are some pictures of people I got to know in Fruita. I wish I had more of these, but I ran out of time to get pictures with everyone I wanted pictures with. :( I got a picture with the Great Dane because we had to watch that dog while they were away on vacation, and that dog is HUGE, so I had to get a picture for memories sake. The last picture is a little dark since the flash didn't fire, but so it goes. :/

It snowed the day after I got to my new area, so the dark picture is me dancing in the snow. And then the superbowl was yesterday and someone brought this cardboard cutout of some Broncos quarterback or something, so of course we had to take pictures in front of it. And then the Broncos lost. Eheheh.

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