Monday, January 27, 2014

Fw: Farewell to Fruita

Hey, everyone!
This week was kind of a slow week. We kept trying to see a lot of people, only to have no one home. It was ratherly frustrating, and I found myself getting kind of down. It wasn't too bad, but it still made me not want to do any work, and then I caught another cold which didn't help matters any at all. So I was out doing work with a stuffy nose and no success, but I guess these kind of weeks happen.
Transfer call came Friday morning (It was early for some reason) and I'm leaving Fruita. I'm honestly not too horribly surprised. I got the feeling that my time in Fruita was coming to a close, so I made sure to tie up any loose ends this week. There are many people that I've grown to love out here, but they are fond memories I can take with me. Leaving Fruita is less of a shock than when I left Eagle, and I'm at peace with it. So I can put a big grin on my face and say, "Thank you, Fruita, for the time I was able to spend here! I'll come back some day to visit!"
Anyway, that's all I've got for this week. Sorry it's kind of short. It's been a slow week as I said before. Love you all! We'll see where I go next week!
~Sister Richelle Jones

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