Monday, January 6, 2014

Fw: Welcome to 2014

Helloooo, everyone!
This week went by pretty quickly. New Years happened. Yay. New Years eve we were invited over to a member's home, which would have been fine except that most of the people wanted to play video games on their xbox, so us missionaries were left being bored in the corner not allowed to participate. But New Years day we got to play volleyball with a bunch of Sisters and Elders from Grand Junction, so that was fun.
It was a little odd, though, seeing our district leader there and asking him when zone conference is and his response is, "Oh, I've been emergency tranferred so I don't know and don't really care cuz I won't be there." ... Yeah, apparently three out of four of our elders got ET'd this week. The rumor is that they got caught staying up partying New Years eve. I don't know how accurate that is, but that's the only explanation we've gotten. :/ Silly elders.
Oh, so as far as good news goes, there was this guy who showed up to church a few weeks ago. He was apparently a former investigator who had been dropped like a year ago or something but who decided it was time for a change in his life, and so came to church and asked to take the missionary discussions again. So, that was pretty cool!
On the flip side, it's been getting cold again here. Last night it dropped below zero again. It was sad, because the icicles were just barely starting to melt. But so it goes. I hear that the eastern side of the united states is getting hit harder than we are, so I can be grateful that I am where I am. It's a cold winter. My only complaint is that I have to walk in it, but thus is the life of a missionary.
Several people have voiced their concerns about me continually getting sick. It's more of an annoyance for me than anything else, mostly because I'm not certain what's causing it and it's interfering with me doing missionary work. I've been pushing through it as best as I can, but since I'm the only one who can drive the car, it's a bit dangerous to do so when I can't focus properly. This week was better, but it's still a concern. My guess is that I'm just not used to this kind of weather, both with the extreme cold and with how dry it is, and so my body is reacting to it negatively. *Shrug* I'll get over it eventually. Sister Moa has been very patient with me getting sick, so I'm grateful for her.
Anyhoo, I think that's all for this week. I love you all! Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do!
~Sister Richelle Jones
P.S. Hey! This morning I discovered that you sent a converter for SD cards in my Christmas box! I was too distracted by the shiny presents before, but now I can send you pretty pictures whenever I want! PICTUREZ!!! YAYYY!!!

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