Monday, December 30, 2013

Fw: On and Off

Hellooooo everyone!!!
I got all of your Christmas wishes and all that jazz, got to talk to family on Skype, and it was an awesome Christmas!
Christmas day we got invited to three different homes, so we spent a little bit of time at each place. I not only got stuff from home, but some of the members got us stuff, too, so it's going to be real fun to figure out how to pack everything eventually. :P
Yes, I had a very lovely Christmas, and this whole week has been good. Well, mostly.
I was sick again this week. Same symptoms as the sickness I got last week where it started with a sore throat and then I got a feverish headache and had to sleep all day. It's really irritating since it's like I just got the same illness twice. So it's sort of been on and off sick for a while. Almost like I got better just in time for Christmas, then got sick again. -_-
It's kind of weird that Christmas was only this week. It feels like that happened forever ago. And now we're straight on to the New Year!
Being on a mission has made me question the point of staying up till midnight and screaming at the top of your lungs banging on a pot to start off every new year, but I don't have to do that this year, so cool. It just means it might be difficult to sleep through it.
Anyway, I don't actually have a lot to say for this week. Most people were out of town for the holidays. We did get a new investigator who's pretty solid, but that's about it for the week. Many thanks to all of you who sent Christmas cards and holiday wishes! You are all awesome and amazing! I'll try to send return letters if I can, but that may or may not happen. But again, thank you to all, and I hope that all of you had wonderful holiday times!!!
~Sister Richelle Jones

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