Monday, December 16, 2013

Fw: Old Maid

Dear everyone,
As many of you know, my birthday just happened! I'm now old enough to drink, not that I would ever want to. I spent my birthday doing an excellent thing. Missionary work! Yay! I didn't get any cake, but I did get some chocolate silk pie, so that makes up for it. :D The farmhouse has this giant "Happy Birthday" banner strung up on one of the walls that's been there for ages, so I took pictures in front of it for my birthday. That was pretty much the extent of my celebration. Yup.
I got the music note scarf you guys sent in the mail, plus it's twin. I got two of them. Not sure why. I'm probably going to give the extra to Sister Moa. It's really pretty and I like it. :)
This week was a little bit warmer. It only got below zero a few times and stayed around 15 degrees on the warmer days and actually got up to 20 at one point. The weather forcast says it will be warmer still this week and might actually get above freezing! :D Looking forward to it!
So Lizzie got baptized this Saturday which was super exciting. There were actually 7 baptisms that happened in our stake this Saturday, one of them was the person who Sister Moa and I taught and put her on date but then she moved. So we got to go to two baptisms on Saturday. It was pretty awesome. That was pretty much my birthday gift right there.
This week was transfers, but both Sister Moa and I will be staying in the Fruita 4th ward. I'm really happy about that.
Earlier this week, Sister Moa and I were doing our regular studies in the morning when suddenly we get this phone call from the housing department saying that they're around the area and checking all the missionaries' apartments. We then panicked, ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, and speed cleaned the apartment. Gotta love those days. Then when they came, they walked in, glanced around, proclaimed it good, and left. :P
Speaking of chickens with their heads chopped off, wikipedia Mike the Headless Chicken. I think you will find it amusing.
I think that's all I have for you this week. :/ sorry, it was pretty uneventful. I love you all, and I hope you have a good rest of the week!
~Sister Richelle Jones
P.S. we should probably arrange a time that I'll skype you on Christmas since that's coming up soon. I think we'll probably skype you towards the evening. Sister Moa is also checking with her family a time to skype. Just whatever works. I dunno. I'll check with you more about it as we get closer to that day. :) Looking forward to it!

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