Monday, December 2, 2013

Fw: Holiday Schniffles

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
This week was kind of a slow week since most people were out of town for the holidays. We were asked to take care of two people's animals while they were away which has been fun. Chasing down chickens. That keep escaping. Five minutes after you round them up into their cage. Curse you, chickens.....
We're really excited for Lizzie who is getting baptized in a few weeks. I think I mentioned that last time. It's weird, I turn 21 soon... How odd. Yeah, Lizzie agreed to be baptized the day before my birthday, and she's doing really well and will be making it to that date. She will be the fourth person I've helped bring to baptism. I've been able to help Jess, Susanna, Ricardo, and now Lizzie. The promise given in the Doctrine and Covenants is really true when it says that when you reap with your might, your back will be laden with sheaths. I love all the blessings the Lord is able to give to his children, and it's been my priveledge to not only witness it, but be a part of it.
Thanksgiving was fun. We got a day to hang out and relax until dinnertime, where we went to a member's house and hung out and relaxed. It was great! A rare occurance indeed!
Then on Black Friday, I caught a cold. We tried to go see people anyway, but nobody was home, so when we got to the point where the only thing left to do is tracting, I gave up and we went home. I've been sick ever since, but we got some spray stuff that helps with sinus problems, and that's been helping. Hopefully it will be completely gone by tomorrow.
There was a cool thing that happened, I went on exchanges the week before with one of the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Jones. (We confused the heck out of people. It was fun.) But while we were out tracting, we ran into this guy who was from our area in Fruita who was looking for some help moving. So we got to help him. That was pretty neat.
I also got your package! I am enjoying it. :) The white chocolate Reese's are really good since it's all just basically peanutbutter and sugar. DAAAAVIIIIID!!!! Thank you for the music CD. Hearing you play piano brings back good memories and I love you. I think it's funny that in most of the recordings, you can hear Tess in the background walking on the wooden floor in the front entry room. Some of the recordings got a little maxed out in the sound in places, but it still makes me really happy. I laugh at the parts where you mess up. Bahahaha!
Yeah, so today we went to the mall and I got myself a pair of boots that will keep my feet dry. I have no idea how I'm going to pack said boots, but I'll figure it out when that time comes. All of the snow we had last week it completely gone except for the melting snowmen in front of people's houses, but I'm sure that we'll be getting a lot more this winter. I'm lucky to be in Fruita where they don't get as much snow as up in the mountains.
While at the mall, I also decided that my hair needs a trim since the ends were pretty dead. The person there told me that to get rid of all the dead ends, I would have to cut six inches off my hair. I wasn't willing to do that, but I still had to chop off three inches. :( That's basically all that I grew while on my mission so it's the same length as when I left. I also decided to try out some bangs. I figured, hey, if I don't like them, they will be grown out by the end of my mission. I cut them to be chin-length, so they're not too horribly short and I can still pull them back if I so desire, and the rest of my hair is still nice and long. I'll send you pictures eventually.
I kind of wanted to get a picture of me all decked out in black with my sunglasses on and carrying a book of mormon and posing all matrix just because I mentioned it last week, but I never got the opportunity to do so. Too bad. Then I could have sent the picture to you and you could put in the caption of "Bringing Souls to Zion" or "Are you the One" or something amusing like that. Maybe I'll get the picture... Maybe.
Well, I think that's all for this week! Happy holidays everyone! December is here! Whip out all your Christmas trees, santa outfits, and credit cards! Yeah! :P
~Sister Richelle Jones

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