Monday, November 25, 2013

Fw: Cold, Wet, and Blind

Dear family and friends and all you wonderful people out there who are reading this.
This week was a very interesting week. I don't have much time, so I'm going to attempt to be fast.
First on the agenda: My glasses broke. :( I didn't notice until one morning I opened my glasses case and discovered that one of the screws had come out and the lense was gone. I scoured the farmhouse, the car, the surrounding areas, the people we visited the previous day, and there's no sign of the lense. So it's quite sad and I will need new glasses. I've gotten permission from the zone leaders to wear sunglasses until I get new ones. With the sunglasses and the long black coat I have, plus my black boots, I kinda look like I belong in the matrix.
Second on the agenda: It snowed. It's melted by now, but it's freezing cold outside, and I discovered that my boots are not water proof. They soaked through pretty fast. :( I will need to get new ones I think.
I am SO out of time. The library is crowded today and I have 3 minutes left.
We had one of the investigators on baptismal date move to a different ward which made us very sad. But the other investigator on baptismal date is super solid and moved up her date to December 14th, so it's like a birthday gift to me! :D That was really a miracle.
I'm sorry, I'm out of time. I love you all!
~Sister Richelle Jones

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