Monday, July 29, 2013

Fw: Hebbo!

Hello, everyone!
This morning one of the sheep got out of the pen. So for exercise, we played a game of catch the sheep. When we finally cornered it, we realized that we had no idea what to do with it, so we petted it and let it go, then got Sister Mayne so she could put the sheep back.
Well, we were going to go up to hanging lake today, but Friday morning, I was running with Sister Pfeifer when something popped funny in my knee and it's been hurting really bad ever since. It's less painful at the moment, but it's really stiff like someone poured glue into my knee, and it still hurts sometimes. It wouldn't be a good idea to go for a hike with a sore knee. Hopefully that gets better soon.
We got a golden investigator this week! Our ward mission leader had a son who just got back from his mission in Brazil. Apparently, while Eric was in Brazil, he had been sending letters to one of his life-long friends and teaching her about the gospel. Just now, she decided she was ready to hear the missionary discussions. The first lesson, she basically said, "Tell me what I need to do to be a member of your church." We told her about baptism and she's totally ready. First lesson, she had a baptismal date. The Lord really is preparing the hearts of the people to hear the gospel.
We also got a lot of rain this week! It made me happy. Granted, it also came with lightning, but cool. Whatever works. We've had more rain here than we ever had in Rexburg, so it makes me feel better.
So I was a little frustrated earlier this week. We had been teaching an investigator who had previously been taught be multiple sets of missionaries, and we were going through more of the discussions and trying to convince her that a cup of coffee every day is not worth the price of her salvation, and then she told us that she was leaving to go to California for vacation. Then a week later we find out from her neighbors who are members that she never left! So it was sort of like, "Argh." So we went back to her house and taught her some more, but it was like everything we said went in one ear and out the other. I'm afraid she may need to be dropped since she's absolutely refusing to take part in anything. She's told us that she believes the church is true, but she just wants all the blessings of the church to magically shower upon her without having to make any effort to get it. She was like, "Can't I get all the benefits the church brings without getting baptised?" No! There's a reason Christ gave those ordinances! Grumble grumble. As my lovely friend Aerika would say... Don't be dumb! As Jacob 6:12 says, "Oh be wise. What can I say more?" -_-
Also, one of the disadvantages to starting an English speaking area is that there are still quite a few Spanish people and I can't understand a word they say. I may or may not be self-teaching myself Spanish in the near future.
Anyway, so those are my stories for the week.
As for things pertaining to home, I'm glad David made it home safe and sound. (I had actually forgotten that David would be out of school by this point.) Too bad about the Wager, though. And David, if you could do me a favor and write down all of the contacts in my phone on a piece of paper or something and store it in my treasure box, that would be greatly appreciated, then you can feel free to take over my phone.
For my camera cord, you might find it in the mess on top of my desk. If it's in a nice looking box, it's the wrong one. Probably. I guess it would help if you had my camera for reference. But also on the desk should be a clear plastic stand to set the camera on, and I think it has a thingamabob in the shape of the plug-in for the cord. That might help. Erm, just sort of sift through the stuff on my desk. If it looks important, stuff it in a box for me to deal with when I get home. Otherwise, you're free to do whatever with it. ^^' I'm going to guess that you already planned on doing that with all my stuff for the time being, which is totally alright with me. After all, I don't have to worry about it for the next year and a half. :D
And I'm glad Darcy and Hosh settled on a wedding date, though I was still a little surprised that they pushed it to November rather than getting married in September, but I guess it takes a while to set up a wedding. Anyway, funny faces for Hosh. o_<
I loff you all!!! The church is true! Don't be dumb! Yeah!
~Sister Richelle Nicole Jones

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