Monday, August 5, 2013

Fw: Knees

Hello all!
So this week was a little bit hard on us. Every day, Sister Pfeifer and I worked diligently the same as we've been doing every other week, but it seemed like almost every day turned up fruitless. Monday, Saturday, and Sunday all turned out with no lessons. At all. People were either not home or busy. We went finding a lot and found nothing. We were turned away an awful lot. Saturday was the hardest day since we were out and about the full day and got absolutely nothing. I was also suffering from a huge headache and by 8, I was feeling pretty done. But Sister Pfeifer wanted us to knock on one last door, but while going down the steps to their front door, I tripped and fell and scraped up my right knee. It wasn't as bad as when I skinned my left knee in the MTC, but with all my frustration and whatnot for the day, I just started crying. I pulled myself together long enough to knock on the door but no one was even home, so Sister Pfeifer let me go home and just cry.
Things are a lot better now. We haven't been able to meet with anyone still (Must be vacation week or something...) but I'm feeling a lot better. Again, my knee is already almost healed, and I'm feeling better.
And although we had very little luck this week, we had some good moments, too. We did find a new golden investigator. She's not as ready as Jess, but she's still prepared. Her name is Mindy. She was raised Catholic, but just recently started looking to include Christ in her life more. She had attended a Christian church for about two weeks, but then we found her. She expressed a firm desire to follow Christ in any way she could, and she knows that he is her savior and will lead her to where she needs to go. She was very willing to have us come and talk with her, even though she was busy preparing for her cousin's quinecenera which is apparently a big deal for Mexican families. Another cool thing about Mindy is that she's friends with a lot of the young women in the ward, and her mother actually really likes Mindy to spend time with Tania Molinar because of the good example she is. It's true that members carry a certain light within them.
So we brought Jenna Jay with us to a lesson (Tania was busy since her family was leaving to go to California for the next few weeks) and during the lesson, I just felt really inspired and turned to Mindy and invited her to baptism. Mindy's reaction was great. She actually fell backwards exclaiming in disbelief, "Are you serious?!" She wasn't ready to make the commitment just yet, but she told us, "If it's what the Lord leads me to do, then yes, I will." After the lesson, Jenna's expression was hilarious. She was totally not expecting that. Eheheheheh.
Anyway, so yeah. The week wasn't a total loss. As for my left knee, it still twinges funny sometimes and hurts for a little bit, but it's happening less often, so I deem it as healing and I'm not going to worry about it. I can still walk. We're going to put off the hanging lake hike for at least another week, though. Partly because none of the other missionaries in our district wouldn't go with us this week. But all is well, it gives me more time to heal.
Oh, so funny story. The other day, Sister Pfeifer and I were greeting people as they came in to sacrament meeting, as were the elders, and this little girl from one of the families we had met earlier in the week came up to us. She first addressed Sister Pfeifer and was like, "Do you have a baby?" and Sister Pfeifer was like, "Uhhhhhh.... No." and the little girl was like, "Why not? Are you married?" "No. Not yet..." "Why?" "We're missionaries..." "Well, you should get married. I know! You can marry him, and you can marry him!" She then pointed from Sister Pfeifer to Elder Rollins and from me to Elder Olivas. So apparently I'm marrying Elder Olivas. :P I thought it was amusing. Little children are great.
Anyway, that's all the stories I've got for you this week. I love you all!
~Sister Richelle Nicole Jones

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