Monday, April 14, 2014

Fw: Settled at last

Hello, everyone!
So it would figure that the last week of the transfer, I finally get to where I'm going to be for a while. I am now in Clement Park with Sister Joslin and Sister Allen. And they are both awesome. I've only been with them for two days, but I already feel really good about how this next transfer will be. It's really an answer to my prayers, being able to settle here.
A few interesting facts about this area. One is that it's one of the few areas that actually goes into the city of Denver. Most of the metro areas are in cities around Denver like Lakewood and stuff like that. So half of this area covers a portion of Littleton, and the other half goes into Denver a little. Also, I live right down the street from the Columbine High School. Yup. The infamous school of the Columbine shooting is in my area. ;) It's a new experience being in this area. I find myself liking it, though. It's going to be a fun transfer.
Oh, also, the day after I arrived, it snowed again. Despite the fact that we had 80 degree weather earlier this week. The weather here is truly bipolar.
It's interesting looking at the horizon at night and seeing a sea of lights as far as the eye can see. Since we're kinda on a hill over-looking downtown Denver and the plains beyond, there is just city that goes on for miles. It's pretty awesome.
So, yeah. I'm happy that I've finally found a place to really dig in my roots and settle.
~Sister Jones
P.S. I made a teddy bear for Sister Pfeifer in the two an a half weeks I was with her again. I realized I've made something for all my other companions, so I figured I'd make her something, too. And she used to have a bear back in Eagle, but it disappeared one day while she was on exchanges, so I made her a new bear. :3 And I STILL have leftover yarn from when Grandma Bair gave me an entire bag of yarn back in Eagle. It's pretty great.
whoops, almost forgot to send my new address.
6627 S Newland Circle
Littleton, CO 80123

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