Monday, March 17, 2014

Fw: The color green

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone!
I'm wearin' my green! Are you?
It's been really cute seeing everyone's decorations they have put up. It inspires me to one day put up some amazingly awesome decorations! Yeah!
So this week was the first week of being with just Sister Hancock. It was different. It took so long getting used to a trio, and now it's taking a while to get used to there just being two of us.
We had a couple of more miracles this week where members and less-actives brought their friends for us to teach. It's been so nice, especially since we've been spending a great deal of time on fruitless finding. God blesses our efforts, even if it's not in the way we might think. And for you members at home, remember that if you bring friends to meet the missionaries, that is so much better than having the missionary spend hours going door to door in the hopes that someone will actually listen to them.
We had one really cool miracle this week. Near the beginning of last transfer, we talked to this guy walking down the street who was interested in learning more, but he went to the single's ward elders. Earlier this week, we got a call from the elders who had taught him, had a great lesson, but then lost contact with him. They were asking if we had any more information like a phone number to try to call. We didn't so we sadly hung up. Just then, this guy walked by. It was the same guy! Not five minutes after we had just hung up the phone! So we got out and talked to him, and he wanted to meet with the elders again but had no phone and his mom had posted a note on the door asking the elders to not come back. So we called up the elders and set up an appointment for him! I thought it was super neat!
Anyhoo, that's about it for the week.
Have a great green day!
~Sister Richelle Jones

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