Monday, March 10, 2014

Fw: Climbing Mountains

So last P-Day, we had a zone activity where we hiked Mt. Garfield. I need to clarify my previous description of Mt. Garfield. I mentioned it's a big pile of rocks before. In reality, it's a big pile of rocks covered in sand. The trail was INSANE. It was nearly vertical at times, and it's covered in sand and small rock that slides down the mountain when you step on it, and on either side of you is a giant rock-slide of doom. That combined with me having asthma problems every 15 steps or so made me finally give up and climb back down the mountain with three other girls who were also struggling. But I did get a few pretty pictures when I was up there.
This week wasn't much to talk about. I was struggling a bit this week, but that's not unusual in missionary work. Just climbing the mountains of life.
For transfer news, Sister Cope is leaving, but Sister Hancock and I will be staying in Grand Junction 7th ward for another transfer. So cool.
Aaaaaand that's about it for this week. :/ No real stories or miracles at all. Just sort of blah.
~Sister Richelle Jones

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