Monday, October 21, 2013

Fw: Simple Blessings

Hello all!
So periodically this week, I was having some serious stomach issues, just like the day I had eaten those eggs. It wasn't an everyday thing, but it was frequent enough that it was disrupting missionary work. So Sister Peacock and I were very concerned for my health. On Saturday, when I was again feeling sick to my stomach, I think I finally figured out what it is. Every day I've gotten sick, I had eaten Sister Mayne's scrambled eggs for breakfast that morning. Sister Mayne makes breakfast for us almost every day, and her cooking is really good. I'm not normally a big fan of eggs, but I've been eating hers, but since the incident where I ate bad eggs, it's like my stomach goes, "Oh, no, not these again," and rebels. Plus, I believe that I remember Mom saying something about David previously being allergic to eggs. I think it might not be so far-fetched as to think that perhaps I have the same thing, but I haven't really eaten enough eggs in the past to really tell, or maybe it's a recent thing my body has developed. In any case, I'm going to avoid eggs for the next week and hopefully my mysterious stomach flu will disappear.
Despite me being sick (again) we had a pretty decent week. We're not hitting the high numbers I was hitting when I was with Sister Pfeifer, but I think that part of that has something to do with the change of seasons. We don't get as many people just randomly wandering around the streets that we can stop and talk to, and it gets ratherly frigid outside quite often. There hasn't been snow that's lasted on the ground for a full day yet, but the mountains all around us are covered in snow, so it's certainly on its way. The clouds look really interesting when they're snowing on the mountains around us because it looks kind of like they're eating the mountains. Nomnomnom. One of the pictures I sent you guys was actually a picture of that as taken from the Mayne's back porch.
Anyway, I got your package. It made me happy. Sister Peacock also got a package at the exact same time, so that was fun. I love the gloves. :) They're my type of gloves, all nice and warm and fuzzy inside. :D And I'm glad to hear that you guys got my package. I had meant to write you a note to include with it to explain what everything was, and I also meant to clean out that container and fill it with fudge, but the bottom line is that I ran out of time. You're lucky I stuffed all the stuff in a box and sent it. :/
So an explanation for the contents of the box. First, the pot holders. Bishop's mom lives across the street from us. She is 91 years old. Grandma Bair spends all her time crocheting hot-pads to hand to people. Pretty much everyone in the ward here has a collection of hot-pads. They're really quite good. She has a unique stitch that's really thick so your hands don't get burned. So most of those pot holders are made by Grandma Bair that she gave to me. Sister Pfeifer and Sister Peacock also have a collection of hot-pads. One of those hot-pads, though, the one that is made with a different stitch, that one is made by me. I was home sick throwing up and getting frustrated, so I asked for some yarn and a crochet hook. Thus resulted a hot-pad. Halfway through making the hot-pad, Grandma Bair walked in and saw me crocheting and she taught me her stitch which is really weird, but it's really cool, so maybe if I have time, I'll try my hand at making a Grandma Bair hot-pad. But I don't really have a use for pot holders while on my mission, and I figured that they make an excellent Wedding gift for Darcy. :D
The other contents... A T-shirt I got during the summer that Bishop Mayne gave Sister Pfeifer and I. Bishop Mayne is the head of the gun club here in Gypsum and got us T-Shirts. :) Also, the pumpkin I made with the Dodds. Also, one of Gus's tail feathers that he molted. Then my bag full of turquoises. I fully expect those turquoises to be shined up and pretty when I get back. I would do that myself, but I seem to have this distinct lack of time out here. (except when I'm sick and making hot-pads.) And, Mom, you're allowed to turn those turquoises into whatever jewelry you desire. :) And then there's the empty container you filled with Peanut Butter cookies before that have long since been devoured. So, yeah. :)
Anyway, I don't have much else as far as cool stories to tell you this week. Susanna and her son Ricardo, the Spanish people Sister Pfeifer found, are getting baptized next Saturday! :D So that's all kinds of awesome. Other than that, have a good week!
~Sister Richelle Nicole Jones
P.S. Oh, so Sister Peacock has this awesome CD that you all need to go out, purchase, and listen to. It's called the Lamb of God by Rob Garner. Go listen to it!!! It's SO good! :D
P.P.S. For David and Darcy. There's a song on one of Sister Peacock's CD's that you need to listen to and then laugh. Look up the Clarinet Polka. It's guaranteed to make you smile. :)

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