Monday, October 28, 2013

Fw: the air of autumn

Hello everyone!
I wanted to start out by saying how much I love Fall. It's always been one of my favorite seasons. You get all the pretty colors in the trees and whatnot. It's gorgeous, and this past week has been sunny so it didn't get quite as cold as before. Last Monday after we were done with emails and whatnot, I took Sister Peacock up hanging lake, so I've gotten to see it in both the summer time as well as in the fall. There was snow on the path in some places and mud in other places, so it was a bit more treacherous than before, but it was beautiful all the same, and I got to slow down and enjoy the hike a little more because I wasn't having to catch up with my companion this time. Then on the way back down, we got to talk to some people we met at the top, and we had a nice missionary discussion all the way down the mountain. :D
This week I've been feeling significantly better health-wise, though my knee started protesting against stairs again after going on that hike. Don't worry about that, Sister Peacock finally pestered me into calling the mission office and I have a doctors appointment to get that checked out this Tuesday. One thing that worries me is that I was talking to one of the sisters in the ward that just had surgery done on her knee, and it sounds like what happened to her is the same thing that happened to me. It popped funny and hurt from then on, though she could still walk on it, but when she got it checked out, they discovered that some ligament in her knee had snapped and she had to go in to surgery, and that prevented her from walking on it for a full month. If that happens to me, there is a chance I may be sent home. :/ I'm not ready to go home yet... But maybe I can beg to do online missionary work instead until I heal enough to go back to regular missionary work. But all of that really depends on what the doctor says this Tuesday. Basically everything depends on that. At the end of this week is transfers, and I was thinking I would be staying in Eagle since I'm training Sister Peacock, but depending on what happens with my knee, I might be sent somewhere else. That in and of itself would make me very sad because I have grown to love so many people here in the Eagle Valley. But we'll see. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that I'll be hopefully staying.
So I did finish my sketchbook that I've been using to take notes in during things like the MTC, district meetings, zone conferences, zone trainings, general conference, and Sunday school. There aren't any sketchbooks like that one to be found in the general vicinity of this area since we don't have a Michael's store here. So if you could send me a new one, that would make me happy. However, you should probably wait until after this week. Not only would that put you to a point after Darcy's wedding, but it also gives me time to know what's going to happen this transfer. In the meantime, I'm glad to hear that Darcy has been reading the finished sketchbook I sent home. I'm hoping that it will help inspire you as some of these things have helped inspire me.
Anyway, this has been a very nice week. Not only did we have zone conference in Grand Junction this Tuesday where we got to hear Elder Baxter from the first quorum of the seventy, but we also had exchanges with the Sister Trainer Leaders this Wednesday. It was a good week full of good stuff. :)
And that's all for this week I think. Have a good week and I'MSOEXCITEDFORDARCY'SWEDDING!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
Have a good one! :D
~Sister Richelle Nicole Jones

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