Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fw: Woman's pull

Hey, all!
Back when I was on the pioneer trek, I had a bit of an experience on the first day. I had been walking all day long and felt like I was dying, and just when I thought the camp was going to stop for the night, we were thrown for a bit of a loop when the "Mormon battalion" happened and all of the boys had to leave. It was then up to the girls to pull the wagons up and down some of the hardest hills of the day.
This week the Elders for our area were emergency transferred.
One day we're talking with Elder Rollins and Elder Olivas and the next, they're gone. Elder Rollins went to Grand Junction and Elder Olivas went to Rifle. Apparently someone in Monterose got sent home, so the zone leader from Grand Junction got sent there, and Elder Rollins took his place, and since Elder Olivas was left without a companion, he got sent to where our zone leaders are currently serving. So yeah.
This is one of those weeks where I have a ton to talk about, but unfortunately, Sister Pfeifer and I spent all day at Turquoise lake with some of the members of our church and found us some turquoise, and we have a dinner appointment coming up on us, so time is ratherly short. But I'll try to fit as much in. Sorry for all those I want to email but can't, I'm really really out of time and I shall get to you next week. Probably.
By the way, Happy Birthday, Grandma Nancy!
So we had the Sister Trainer Leader do exchanges with us this week which was awesome.
And one of our investigators tried to drop us immediately after the Elders got transferred, and I was like, "No! Not happening!" and I managed to somehow talk her out of dropping us. I think the spirit had more than a little to do with that, but I was not going to let another person go.
Aaaaaaaaand I'm really out of time. I have lots of stories to tell. Sorry that I can't this week. In return, I have some turquoise to show for it, so hey.
You all are awesome! Have an excellent week!
~Sister Richelle Nicole Jones

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