Monday, September 16, 2013

Fw: Hanging Lake

This morning we got to go to hanging lake! We went as a zone and had a little "zone training" at the top. It was awesome! My knee hurt, but that's ok. I think that next week, I'll finally break down and have it looked at if it's still hurting. This is the last week of this transfer, so next week we'll see if I'll be staying in Eagle Valley or not. I was glad I was able to go up hanging lake before I potentially move.
So this week, a miracle happened. One of our cards actually worked. We hand out those cards like candy to people in the street, it comes to the point where you hope they check out the website, but that's usually all you get. This week, we got this text by an unknown number that just said, "Hi." So we responded with, "Hello, you've reached the Sister Missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." Apparently, we had handed this guy a card and he was interested in learning more about the gospel! We brought Bishop and Sister Mayne with us to the lesson (for safety reasons) and it turned out to be awesome! So, yeah. That was cool.
I also got hit on by a drunk guy earlier this week. One of those experiences that I think most Sister Missionaries go through at least once while on the mission. Just remove yourself from the situation ASAP and you're good.
So yesterday, we were out tracting, and normally when people aren't interested, they're usually pretty nice about it. Well, we had three extremely rude people right in a row. One of them said he never wanted to see us again, another one was just rude, and the last one started yelling at us about how we were a cult. After that, I just turned to Sister Pfeifer and said, "Satan must really not want us to go forward today," So we pressed forward. Immediately afterwards, we had three awesome lessons where the people were interested, listening to us, and took a Book of Mormon with the promise of reading it. One guy in particular was listening to the restoration and he was like, "There's a prophet today?! Why have I never heard of this before?! It makes so much sense!" which is a phenomena among missionaries. It was so awesome!
It's been raining a lot here, which has been reminding me so much of home. Granted, all rain here comes with lightning, but it rains significantly more than it did in Rexburg. It's been pretty relaxing, having beautiful rain and thunderstorms every day. We were kinda lucky for the Hanging lake hike since it didn't rain, but was overcast through most of the hike, so we didn't get too hot.
Anyway, that's all I've got for you this week. Thank you all! You guys are awesome!
~Sister Richelle Nicole Jones

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