Monday, May 5, 2014

Fw: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Hey, everyone.
I don't actually have much of anything to talk about this week. No miracles or cool stories or anything. :/ Sorry. I actually have no idea what to write about for this week.
I've been sick but in a different way. But to be fair, so have my companions. We still went out almost every day this week and actually had quite a bit of success, but we didn't find anyone who was too horribly interested this week, and our teaching pool has gotten kind of thin, so while we are teaching quite a number of people, most of them are people we see on the streets or through knocking door-to-door and usually they let us talk for a little, maybe take a Book of Mormon, but aren't really interested in having us come back. Either that or the schedule a time for us to come back and they're no-shows. So. Yeah. It was one of those weeks I guess.
I don't really know what to say other than that. Um. Happy Cinco De Mayo. Yeah.
~Sister Richelle Jones

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